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handmade wedding dresses

Handmade Dresses for weddings and other events...

Welcome to Mabella bridal wear and handmade dresses.

A Mabella dress is anything but off the shelf.
Our dresses are uniquely tailored to meet all our customer’s needs, from the elegant classic to the edgy risqué fashionista. Using the finest materials we are inspired by vintage, classic/traditional, modern, bohemian, and haute couture to suit all sizes and budgets.  
All our bespoke bridal wear is passionately driven by your ideas.

Click on the About Us menu to learn more about the business and browse our styles and selections from the menu above.

Prices range from £200 - £2500

Handmade dresses for special occasions

Unique handmade dresses

Tailored wedding dresses in the Wirral and the UK

Specially designed dresses

Unique bespoke delicately crafted designs

Wedding dresses


Have a look at our Facebook page: call about handmade dresses


Appointments by arrangement

Call me to discuss your ideas and embrace your creativity! It would be lovely to meet you.


Email: jenny_kearney@msn.com
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